Publications Roger Karlsson


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Co-author and co-inventor of one patent and three pending patents.

Chiu, D., Orwar, O., Karlsson, A., Karlsson, M., Karlsson, R. Microscopic networks of containers and nanotubes – WO0226616 – Patent

Karlsson, A., Karlsson, R., Pihl, J., Karlsson, M., Orwar, O., Lobovkina, T., Jesorka, A., Davidson, M. Device and use thereof – WO2006068619

This patent describes the method, technology and use of the Lipid-based Protein Immobilization technique, LPITM 

Bauer, B., Davidson, M., Orwar, O., Karlsson, A., Karlsson, R. Plasma membrane vesicles and methods of making and using same – WO2009130659   

Frontal Affinity Chromatography Mass Spectrometry (FAC-MS) and the Lipid-based Protein Immobilization technique, LPITM – WO2011040876