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Lipid-based Protein Immobilization (LPI)

LPI FlowCell is a single use device with a proprietary surface that allows for immobilization of intact proteoliposomes directly produced from membrane preparations of a wide variety of cells and tissues. Proteins are kept in their native cell membrane with retained structure and function. LPI FlowCells are used in applications such as ligand binding studies, epitope identification, quantification, biomarker identification and profiling. Recently the flow cells have been used with intact organelles and intact bacteria.

Mass spectrometry

Mass spectrometry is one of our major tools. Proteomic-based mass spectrometry can be used for many different purposes, including protein profiling, biomarker discovery, sequence coverage studies, linear epitope discovery, strain-typing of bacteria, as well as quantitative protocols using, for example, tandem mass tags (TMT) to follow up-and-down-regulations of proteins. We work in close collaboration with the Proteomics Core Facility at the University of Gothenburg.

Sample preparation

Prior proteomic analysis a number of sample preparation steps can be implemented, including fractionation of eukaryotic cells into organelles and plasma membrane, preparation of proteoliposomes and vesicles, preparation of outer membrane vesicles from bacteria, enzymatic digestion of proteins, desalting and purification of peptides etc.

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